Perfumes: The Perfect Guide for Newbies

 For people here in Australia and worldwide, Christmas time is perfume time. This means this is the time of the year when off-guard and reserved shoppers set out on their shopping expeditions steeped in the frenzy of festivities, seeking the “perfect gift” for themselves and their family and friends. And as such, picking the right perfume can be a painstaking and taxing job.

The sophistication involved and the variety may drive some shoppers crazy, and they may just buy Chanel perfume or other trusted brands. Well, just in case, if you are one of those first-timers, here are six pointers to guide you on your quest for the perfect perfume:

1. Expense

Do not look for cheap colognes; you won’t find one. Hoping for perfumes to be cheap, wanting them to be cheap, needing them to be cheap, and feeling cosy only if they are cheap are some attitudes you will need to shake off. Perfume has not been available to the common man in the last nineteen thousand years, and the suppliers are not about to start placing them in the market now at a price you fancy.

1. Aftermath

A corollary of the previous point: good quality perfume is not cheap, agreed. Nonetheless, you might be drawn to avid and hopeful cologne dealers offering a collection of many perfumes in a single package. And what they do is pick many products from their own shelf, package them into a cute gift wrap, deduct a meagre amount from the price of each perfume and convince you that it is the best deal of the season. Stop chuckling because it is!

1. Pre-Planning

To know what you want before you set out on your exploration becomes important if you do not want to end up spending a fortune on something you might later regret. Hence, develop a reasonable idea of what you will be purchasing. The sector is broad, and if you think you will try the perfumes and then purchase sooner or later, you will be out of your mind. Because the variety just does not end, even if you are thinking of a teeny tiny departmental store. And if you want to just rely upon the merchant’s advice, he may suggest “Just buy Chanel perfume” or some other reputable brand. Meanwhile, he is not wrong. But you would want to find your favourite on your own, wouldn’t you?



1. Coffee

That’s right; the secret is to get a sniff of coffee. The majority of perfume stores provide tiny sacks of coffee beans. So, ask around to get one since smelling coffee helps clear and reset your olfactory senses in the event of nose fatigue. As such, this will come in handy in picking one scent after another simultaneously and clearly. It works like a pro, and what’s more, it shows you are one.

1. Precision Find

Almost all perfume brands are empirically examined in detail by hundreds of guinea pigs whose sense of smell is sharp as a blade. you will not even be smelling the scent as it is.

Colognes communicate with the sniffer’s unique body chemicals, and to top it all, the scent blurs. So, you can do away with all this fuss beforehand by specifying the general type you are looking for to the helper at the store.

There are a lot of dazzling perfumes on the market. And you might stumble upon your perfect match. But the real question is, do you have the perseverance to find the right one?


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